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Aolani Wedding – Nick & Rachel

Matthew Morgan Photography

We love the summer because not only is the sun always shining here in San Diego, we are also booked on the weekends with Wedding sails. This happens to be a personal favorite charter of mine, Weddings. I really just feel honored that a bride and groom has chosen our unique floating venue to share with their family and friends on their special, then we get to be a part of it.. and with a slice of cake for ...

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Aolani Catamaran Crew goes to Marine Mammal Foundation Benefit Concert at Bali Hai


We’ve been having all kinds of fun this summer.. one of many events we’ve supported this summer was the National Marine Mammal Foundation’s Benefit Concert at one of our favorite restaurants, the Bali Hai on Shelter Island here in San Diego. A great family friend of ours and President of the Maritime Institute San Diego, known to all as “Rags”, had mentioned that his friend and musician, Eric Stone, was going to be playing at a fundraiser sponsored by the ...

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NAPA Auto Parts sails with Aolani – watches USS Princeton (CG-59) in Navy’s large scale training exercise at Naval Amphibious Base

Napa Auto Parts

May snuck up on us early last week and we didn’t hesitate a minute in making sure we were out on the water when it did. Last week we had several charters, but mostly with NAPA Auto Parts. NAPA (National Automotive Parts Association) was created more than 85 years ago, with over 6,000 stores nationwide. The top owners of these stores were invited out to San Diego to relax, recoup, and simply be appreciated. Amongst other adventures, NAPA’s top sellers ...

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Sung Mojo band performs on Aolani Catamaran for TriRock Triathlon San Diego

Aolani Catamaran TriRock San Diego with sung mojo band

This morning I started thinking about all the awesome things we’ve done on the catamaran, from Birthdays to Bat Mitzvahs, not to mention all the great collaborative events. I was jotting down some dates in our calendar, updating our list of events as the season picks up, and as I got to the month of September it reminded me of last year when we were a part of San Diego’s TriRock for their second year (and ours!). Even though this ...

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2012 State of the Travel Industry; Life is Sweet in San Diego

San Diego CONVIS Advertisement

A couple Tuesday mornings ago we attended the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau’s annual State of the Travel Industry Meeting at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. Expecting it to be mostly numbers and pie charts, we sat down in our seats, coffee’s in hand, and got comfy. We expected facts and figures, yet what we got out of it was so much more; we were reminded of the epic city we live in, San Diego, where the ...

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Open ocean sailing and lobster pot pandemonium

Open ocean sailing on Aolani Catamaran in San Diego

Last Saturday, March 3, we were scheduled for a 3 hour charter. By the time everyone boarded, the temperature had reached high 70’s and the sun was in full affect. I crewed that day, happy to be in a pair of shorts, and my Mom, Cindy, crewed as well. We had Captain Jesse in the helm, and were ready for another awesome day sailing in San Diego. Life is good.

A family loaded onto the catamaran, everyone was local and it ...

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an Aolani Open House with Stella and Dot Jewelry


San Diego is known for its sunshine and palm trees, its smiling faces and endless activities, but every so often we get some rain and it’s as if the whole city shuts down. Drivers start honking, walker’s start running as raindrops fill the empty streets. I, personally, love our San Diego sunshine however a little storm every now and then keeps things interesting. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a movie day indoors every now and then, “Captain Ron” anyone?

Well Monday February ...

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Aolani Catamaran: New Year, No Limits

What a year it was for the Aolani team. Whether we were on a San Diego yacht charter, at a local hosted marketing event, or volunteering in our community, we were always having a good time..and that is why we do what we do, as a family.

My parents, Bruno and Cindy Schwarz, started up our company in late 2001 after realizing they could do what they love, and get paid for it..and for all of us, that’s our goal too, ...

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Aolani sails by America's Cup Practice & USS Carl Vinson "Carrier Classic"

Wow! Talk about an exciting day on the San Diego Bay! If there are a couple phrases we overuse at “work” when we’re out sailing, one of them is “no complaints here” and another one is “there is always somethin’ going on in this bay!”. Today was a perfect example of the latter, hence I’m writing a blog post about it.

So, we had two charters today, both with a sales company that sells legal paperwork to car companies..pretty unique right? ...

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Aolani Catamaran Fall Update from Lindsay

Happy Fall to all! The last time we visited our Aolani Catamaran blog page was early February just after Ashley and Drew had taken their leap of faith, in marriage, on our catamaran on a cool but beautiful winter eve. Fast-forward seven months and though much has changed, much remains the same. And with that, let’s get up to date.
It is now early November in San Diego and with our first day of fall behind us, it’s hard to ...

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Several pick ups from the Loews Hotel. We tried to show our employees a great time . You have done much more than that. A perfect way to entertain and great for bonding. Very impressed with your overall operation and the fun time our employees had on your boat. Thank you.
Washington Mutual


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