Questions About Our San Diego Catamaran?


Thank you for your interest in setting sail with Aolani Catamaran Sailing! Please take some time to review some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our San Diego catamaran. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How does this work?

We only rent out our catamaran for private charters. We have a 2-hour minimum to rent out the catamaran and a 3-hour minimum for Weddings. You let us know what date you are interested in, and we let you know if we have availability for your San Diego day cruise!

What is the maximum capacity?

The Coast Guard gives our catamaran in San Diego a maximum capacity of 48 guests. We have a Captain and crew onboard every sail, with room for up to 48 more passengers.

What if it rains?

We go sailing rain or shine unless the winds are so strong that it is unsafe (which is extremely rare in San Diego). We have a covered interior space with room for all passengers to be indoors, as well as jackets and blankets for our passengers’ comfort.

Is this a child-friendly experience?

Absolutely! First, we are certified by the Coast Guard, have plenty of life jackets on board for every age, and have netting all around the Aolani, ensuring that your child is in a stable and safe environment. Additionally, we offer a variety of entertaining sailing tours, whether it be for whale watching in San Diego or simply taking in the sights! However, we would request that if your child is an infant to please hold them.

Do you have lifejackets/blankets/jackets onboard?

We have all of the above! We have life jackets for every passenger for every age. We also have blankets and jackets onboard at all times for our guests, ensuring that your sailing tour in San Diego is as comfortable as possible.

Will I get seasick?

The chances that you will get seasick are slim to none! Many are surprised to hear this; however, catamarans are known for their stability! The two hulls are 32 feet apart, giving the base of the boat added stability and designed to slice through waves, rather than bouncing over them like most sailboats. Therefore, your experience aboard will be smooth, stable, and comfortable! In fact, the Aolani is constantly thanked after the charter for having renewed our guests’ confidence in boating.

Finally, because the Aolani exclusively offers San Diego catamaran charters, in the event that you need us to turn around from going into the ocean, we will do so right away!