Roll Cameras on Our San Diego Yacht Charter


Lights! Camera! Aolani! Whether you are producing films, television shows, photo shoots, commercials or looking to personalize your own shooting location, our versatile and spacious catamaran is perfectly suited as a mobile production studio and yacht charter. San Diego’s temperate climate and scenery give you the power to create your own unique production site.

Set your scene aboard the Aolani and you will enjoy unbeatable production value, while benefiting from the premium comforts and amenities for your cast and crew that come standard with our sailboat charter. San Diego is also home to countless scenic locales for your production, and Aolani is the best way to maximize their potential. Try a location that is best approached by sea such as Catalina Island, where we can dock your film crew. This location can serve as your production HQ while you shoot on the island, and perhaps stay overnight.

The options are endless for how our professional team can enhance your film or photo production experience. Reach out to start rolling on your upcoming project!


San Diego County Credit Union Logo Commercial for San Diego Credit Union

CBS Logo Filmed CBS “48 hours Mystery: Black Wave“

Ocean Minded Logo  Photoshoot for Ocean Minded catalog, outdoor lifestyle brand.

Photoshoot for December Issue/cover.


“Ceremony on the Sea” Feature



News Feature: Hundreds of dolphins surround Aolani Catamaran off the coast of Point Loma in San Diego